Greg Jenkyns Dr Karl Will Waters The Cleantech Effect 2016

Wow! What an Effect!

Over 180 cleantech businesses and cleantech implementers celebrated clean technology with Dr Karl at The Cleantech Effect, a Sunshine Coast Council event.

Greg Jenkins, Environmental Manager at Shadforths Civil Contractors and Will Waters, Energy Consultant at Go Zero Energy, here with Dr Karl having fun and demonstrating the ‘Moonshots’ Dr Karl spoke about in his keynote presentation.

Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast was the major event partner at the event.  Will, Cleantech’s Vice President said,

The commercial industry is growing considerably at the moment and its a great time to be a cleantech business. There’s a really positive vibe at the moment, and there’s an enormous amount of support for local businesses. There’s lots happening in the cleantech space on the Sunshine Coast.

There’s plenty to smile about in the cleantech industry!

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