Dr Karl The Cleantech Effect 2016 - Green Energy

Dr Karl says Green Energy is a Moonshot

The term “Moonshot” comes from landing the first human on the moon in 1969 – an ambitious, innovate, risky and expensive project. What is a moonshot?

Dr Karl’s described Moonshot projects as large investments in a relatively short period of time. They are projects which address a huge problem, are exploratory, propose radical solution/s and use breakthrough technology. Green energy (or clean energy) is described as a moonshot project.

Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast is proud to have been the major Event Partner at the recent Sunshine Coast Council’s event, The Cleantech Effect 2016 with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki the keynote speaker.

Dr Karl gave the example of China reducing its carbon use by investing heavily in high speed trains. The Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway is 1318 km in length and travels at 300 km/hr. (Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing–Shanghai_High-Speed_Railway). By taking cars off the road and reducing the number of flights, high speed rail reduces the carbon footprint.

Google uses the term moonshot for its most innovative projects such as augmented reality glasses and the driverless car. “People can set their minds to magical, seemingly impossible ideas and then through science and technology bring them to reality. And that sets other people on fire that other things that might look impossible might be accomplishable” says a Google employee about Moonshots.

Dr Karl’s described transport, green energy, genetic engineering and the electric car as moonshots with the opportunity to make massive change with huge benefits.

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