The Cleantech Effect 2016

The Cleantech Effect

The Cleantech Effect is the only annual, interregional event empowering South East Queensland businesses with the latest information and knowledge to assist them with smarter energy, water, built environment and waste solutions.

Attending the event will demystify cleantech solutions for business and present ideas and practices to achieve significant cost savings. Attendees. Attendees will hear from a number of leading experts headlined by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki via an afternoon of informative and interactive presentations and case studies, supported by a showcase of exhibiting solution providers.

Where does your organisation fit in? Based on our research a large number of organisations are looking for new and cost-effective solutions to run their facilities more efficiently. However they are not clear on the availability of technology, or the benefits of implementation. We do know they are wanting to align themselves with innovative, solution-focussed, credible brands to transform their businesses with long-term solutions and that they are interested in exploring technologies for the future now!